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Real Food Wisdom- Workshops & Community Events



We have all heard the beautiful sentiment of 'it takes a village'. The notion that as a group, or community, we come together to help each other out and pass on wisdom and knowledge. That is something we are passionate about here ar RFR, we regularly get together with friends and family to pick olives so we can make our own oil, process kilos and kilos of tomatoes to make a year's supply of passata, put ferments down, or make our own chorizo. Nourishing Change, is so important to us, so we are offering our knowledge to you. Become part of our village. Sign up now for one, or more, of the great sessions we have planned. 




Come along to a fun and informative workshop where you will learn how to make your own sauerkraut and a FODMAP friendly kim chi.

You will go home with a 1L jar of each, as well as the knowledge and confidence to repeat the process at home. 

We will also throw in a FREE portion of milk kefir grains, along with all the  information you need to keep them healthy and happy. 

The benefits of fermented foods are becoming more and more widely recognised, take this great opportunity to learn a skill to improve your family's health and immunity for a very minimal cost.