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Ol-ive Half Olives

Welcome to Ol-ive Half, home of the deluxe gourmet marinated olives manufactured in the picturesque Swan Valley.
First of all let’s start with the name pronunciation Ol-ive Half said as “I’ll-hav-half” meaning “I would love some”. For example, you’re at a party and the lovely host offers “you like a glass of bubbles to compliment those beautiful olives” you reply with total class “ I’ll-hav-half”!

Self-confessed foodies, husband and wife team Steve and Claire established Ol-ive Half in 2015. However for the past 9 years Claire has been mastering the art and passion for marinating these succulent little gems.

From selection through to destination the olives are hand graded, soaked, marinated, packaged, labelled and delivered by us to you. This procedure ensures strict quality control guaranteeing the finest product achievable and one we are extremely proud of. We source the finest table olives available to compliment premium fresh ingredients to produce a balanced mouthfeel that will delight your senses along with nourishing your soul.