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We pride ourselves in putting the wellbeing of our chickens as the first and foremost consideration in our business.

A bit about ourselves and the eggs we supply.

KALBARRI EGGS is a family owned and run business that has been producing eggs for 24 years. Our family has been farming in Western Australia since 1830 and has recently produced the 7th generation of little farmers.
The farm is a 1700 acre farm south of Kalbarri overlooking the Indian Ocean.
Our hens are housed in sheds that have optimal feed and watering systems, state of the art laying boxes all designed to promote healthy, happy laying conditions and ensuring egg quality is at a premium.

The floor plan and exit points are in accordance with the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals (poultry) published by Primary Industry Standing Committee and audited by SGS
The free-range paddocks have 1500 birds or less per hectare. For maximum comfort and health of the birds, a range of conditions have been provided - ground for a dust bath, grass and small plants to forage, Tagasaste trees (a perennial fodder shrub/tree) to provide shade as well as green feed, and hay bales. 
The fresh feed we give our birds is milled daily on the farm with ingredients sourced locally in a recipe that has been scientifically designed for optimum health and well-being by our professional nutritionis