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Ecoriginals Eco Disposable Nappy Newborn

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Ecoriginals Eco Disposable Nappy Newborn


Newborn plus
4-6 kilograms
32 nappies per bag
Ideal to start using from 2-3 weeks old (depending on how quickly baby gains weight) and may use through to around 12-16 weeks old.
Please note that the amended 4-6kg range is a ‘guide only’ and is not a newborn nappy. Each child is unique in their weight, height and waist sizing. Our nappies to some parents are considered a generous fit but have fitted some babies from 3.5kg’s up. As a rule of thumb for first time customers, for most babies if your child is 6kg’s or under, then choose this size instead of choosing the next size up infant.


What makes our nappy eco?

There are many layers used to make a nappy.  Some of the key ingredients of our nappy are made from plant based materials, and we use a compostable leak barrier inside the nappy rather than the traditional plastic layer used in most nappies. We also use wood pulp sourced from certified sustainable forests. Our nappies are also free from chlorine, phthalates, fragrances, lotions, latex and heavy metals. This makes our nappy much more eco but also more breathable for bubs skin.

Our outer packaging is certified 100% compostable (a world first for a nappy product!) so it will break down easily in land fill.

Our intention is not to stop there with how eco our nappy is.  We know itƒ's not 100% compostable,  because the technology currently doesnƒ??t allow for that. For example, there is nothing to replace thingƒ??s like the plastic tabs that stick and hold the nappy in place on a baby yet to still offer this convenience for use.  However, we are committed to working with international biotech companies to search for new biodegradable technology so that overtime we can increase our compostability.  If a new exciting ingredient becomes available that performs well then we will integrate it into our nappy.