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Eclipse Organics

I lived worked in Europe for the first ten years since the year 2000 and quickly learned that the Italians and French didn’t eat Muesli for breakfast as I was used to back home.
I realised I would have to make my own Muesli or go without. My first muesli creations were born and became my brekky staple for the next decade.

When time came for a change and I moved back home to Australia. In my first week back I ran into Jonny, a great friend from my past. We picked up our friendship where we left off. Jonny waited as I took some time off to find my new path in the world.

I again ate Muesli from local stores but my taste buds had been spoilt. Store bought muesli was different from what I had created in Europe. The Muesli search was on again! With no luck.

I realised there was a place for an Australian Muesli, made without compromise and loaded with quality organic ingredients.

Jonny’s attention to detail came together with my creative talents. We became a team, created our first Muesli and Eclipse Organics was born.