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Bannister Downs Full Cream Milk 1L

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Bannister Downs Full Cream Milk 1L

Our Farm Fresh Milk is as pure as nature intended. We are one of the few processors in Australia using traditional low temperature processing methods in order to achieve a wonderful milk flavour.



Our philosophy is to provide ethical milk and our packaging is an important element of this approach.

Bannister Downs Dairy is the first and only milk processing facility in the southern hemisphere to use the cutting edge Ecolean packaging system. Imported from Sweden, this packaging is at the forefront of environmentally sustainable packaging.

Ecolean - Lightweight is a winning formula

The unique Ecolean package is shaped like a jug, making it convenient to use. The lightweight package puts all heavier packages in the shade. It weighs approximately 50-60% less than a conventional liquid food carton or bottle.

Thanks to the soft material you can easily empty the Ecolean package completely. Once empty, it is as flat as an envelope. Imagine the space, energy and transport saved in a world of Ecolean packages.

Reduced raw material use

By using a minimal amount of raw material Ecolean have created a lightweight package. Saving natures resources is no longer just a matter of looking at the waste end of a packages life cycle. Just as important are the resources going in.

Saved resources

Less use of raw materials saves energy during production, transport and waste handling. Light and slim as it is, you will find resource-saving decisions throughout the whole life cycle not just at the end. The Ecolean manufacturing process requires less water, less energy and emits less greenhouse gases. Saving resources is saving the environment.

Saved energy

The lighter the package the more energy you save as it takes less energy to produce. At Ecolean they use less material from the start.

Less waste

An empty Ecolean package is really empty. No product stays in the package to be thrown away for no reason. Once empty, the Ecolean package is flat as an envelope and saves space in the rubbish bag, which naturally has a positive effect on the whole waste handling process.

The quality of Bannister Downs fresh milk is optimised by being packaged in the Ecolean pouches. The package itself is non-penetrable by UV light and maintains the product’s ‘coolness’ due to the pouch’s natural composition. When kept at or below 4 degrees your milk will stay fresh for longer.

As an increased convenience, the sealed Ecolean Pouch will not leak when laid down on a fridge shelf, can be frozen when sealed, and microwaved safely once the seal is broken.