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The Real Food Revolution Story


Who are we?


We are two Perth women passionately committed to being able to provide our families with the best that life has to offer. This includes the food we eat, the products we use to clean our homes with, and the personal care products we use on our bodies.

This interest in organic, non GMO, reduced pesticide use, elimination of chemicals from our lives has eventually lead to the formation of Real Food Revolution Perth, meaning we can share our passion with many families in the Perth area who have the same philosophy.

As a collective of people we have fantastic buying power, so we can keep our money supporting local growers, and get the best prices possible 

Stephanie was joined in the business by Ros in 2017, and so started a new and exciting era for RFR.

Our focus is Nourishing Change, for your family, for your community and for our growers & farmers. We are passionate about buying locally as much as we possibly can, ideally straight from the grower themselves, that way we are truly showing them our full support. 

Our new warehouse has allowed us to expand our offerings, as well as being a pleasant and inspiring place to work. 

We actively encourage recycling and reducing waste among our customers.

All of our orders are packed into clean recycled boxes, and we strongly encourage our customers to return any boxes & packaging for re-use.

We are truly grateful for your support and look forward to bringing you the best that WA has to offer

Steph & Ros